Automatic Source Changeover with Current Limiter (ACCL)

Automatic source changeover with current limiter is a high precision device which has a current limiting function.

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ACCL is used for efficient distribution of generator power in high rise apartments, townships, commercial buildings, etc without overloading the generator.

Detailed Description

The ACCL will switch the load to generator supply during failure of mains supply. It also acts as a current limiter when load on generator exceeds the pre-set limit thus avoiding any overload on the generator.


  • 01

    Unique - patented design - Contactor based ACCL

  • 02

    Heavy Duty - AC 32A and AC22A utilization category

  • 03

    Long life - 25000 operations

  • 04

    Safe - 5 kA short circuit capacity Tested at Third party lab

  • 05

    Energy efficient - Low Power consumption as coil operates only during DG

  • 06

    Cool - Low Temp rise as power consumed is less than 0.2VA on EB

  • 07

    User friendly - even during overload, load will be On for 10 sec so that user gets some time to switch off unwanted loads. Beep & LED indication.

  • 08

    Proven - Tested at third party (UL LAB)

  • 09

    Technically sound - Break before make due to higher air gap

  • 10

    Convenient - Auto Reset Facility

  • 11

    Versatile - Can be used in new buildings as well as for retrofitting (i.e 2 Sub main or 1 Sub main wiring method)