Motor Protection Circuit Breaker (MPCB)

Ideal for group motor application and tap conductor protection.

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We at Salzer offer our clients, motor control products. It has a universal rating and marking.

It is available in 2 frame sizes of 32 and 63 amps. It is a combination motor controller with short circuit protection and overload tripping.

Detailed Description

Motor protection circuit breakers are ideal for group motor application and tap conductor protection. Some of the functions are motor disconnect function, branch circuit protection, motor control function and overload protection. The ratings conform to manual motor controller. We have 8 relay range available from 11 to 64 Amps.


  • 01

    Motor Disconnect function, Branch circuit protection, Motor control function & Overload protection

  • 02

    Available in 2 frame sizes 32 & 63 Amps

  • 03

    Ratings confirm to Type E & Type F Combination motor controller as per UL508–NKJH clause

  • 04

    Ratings confirm to Manual motor controller as per UL508–NLRV clause

  • 05

    Suitable for Group motor application and Tap conductor protection and 8 relay ranges available from 11 to 63 Amps