Single Phase Toroidal Transformer

Offered transformer is compact, dimensionally accurate and energy efficient.

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Salzer entered in to a collaboration with Plitron manufacturing Inc., Toronto Canada for manufacturing of Toroidal Transformers in India in 1995. Since then Salzer has specialized in Design, Development and manufacturing of High Quality, High Performance Toroidal Transformers. After the Collaboration Ended in 2016, Salzer with its own R&D Team has forayed into various other Toroidal Components like Inductors, Chokes and Filters. Today, we offer a very large selection of Standard Toroidal Transformers and we also specialize in various custom built Toroidal Transformers with UL Listing and CE marking.

Salzer engineers are experienced and ready  to design a custom Toroidal transformer for OEM applications. In the absence of other specifications, we will use the default criteria referenced in the Standard Line.

Detailed Description

These are engineered to offer long-term reliability, while operating for extended periods daily under any line or load condition, and capable to supply peak power continuously under any line or load conditions. Salzer toroid's are application specific and typically designed to work at full capacity. They are intended to be used in commercial applications such as isolation, step-up or step-down; and to drive lighting, machinery, appliances, and many more applications.

01 Broad range 

02 International Approvals

03 General purpose 

04 Power rating 15 VA to 25 kVA

05 Flexible dimensions

06 Designed to the world's safety approval


  • Medical Grade Transformers

  • Power Toroidal Transformers

  • Three Phase Toroidal Transformers

  • PCB mount Toroidal Transformers

  • Audio Transformers

  • Industrial Control Transformer

  • 01

    Low leakage current

  • 02

    Ground screens as needed

  • 03

    Thermal protection (fuses or switches)

  • 04

    International medical safety approvals

  • 05

    Certificates of compliance

  • 06

    Low radiated and acoustic noise

  • 07

    Low Offline Losses Reduce Power Consumption

  • 08

    Inrush Reduced design on request

  • 09

    Our standard is UL approved Class B (130°C). 

  • 09

    Options include UL Class A (105°C), F (155°C), and Class H (180°C), or to suit.