Flexible Busbars (Flexibus)

Manufactured in accordance with IEC, UL and CE standards.

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The flexible bus bars manufactured by us are made in accordance with IEC, UL and CE standards. We offer an extensive range to suit any application.

The bars are manufactured from 99.997% pure ETP grade annealed bare/ tinned copper strips.

Detailed Description

We at Salzer have formulated a special grade of insulation compound to give it better flexibility and also meet the flammable rating of UL 94VO. It finds application in panel boards, UPS, stabilizers and windmills.


  • 01

    Easy bending highest flexibility

  • 02

    Bending with the smallest radial

  • 03

    Suitable for drilling or punching

  • 04

    Shorter for connections and space saving

  • 05

    RoHS - environmentally friendly

  • 06

    High di-electric strength

  • 07

    Higher operating temperature 105°C

  • 08

    Flexible PVC insulation acc. to UL 758

  • 09

    Tinned / bare copper strips

  • 10

    High conductivity electrolytic 99.9%

  • 11

    1mm strip thickness


  • 01

    Manufactured from 99.997% pure ETP grade annealed bare / tinned copper strips

  • 02

    Formulated special grade of Insulation compound to give more flexibility and to meet UL94 VO & RoHS Compliant

  • 03

    Offered with Cutting, Bending, Twisting & with Hole used in Panel Boards, UPS / Stabilizers and Windmills