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For measurement and control in any industrial equipment, machines, automobiles, many data are required.

Sensors are the key components which detects speed, position and temperature etc., and helps to take the necessary control actions.

Detailed Description

We offer sensors for measuring Speed, Temperature, Position and Pressure. We also offer customised sensors.

Applications Speed : ABS in automobiles, engine speed, vehicle speed control, Turbine speed, forklift speed and direction, Locomotive Traction motor speed sensing.

Applications Temperature : Engine oil temperature, Radiator coolant temperature, Air inlet temperature sensing. Over current protection

Applications Position : Flap angle rotation, linear distance, arm position angle

Applications Pressure : Brake fluid, High pressure cleaner, Hydraulic systems and HVAC


  • 01

    Speed sensors : Contact and non-contact types, Single or dual output with either Voltage or Current output, Speed range 0 to 5000 rpm, output signal: sinewave or square wave.

  • 02

    Temperature sensors : NTC or PTC from -40 to 200°C, different threads and connector options. Pt 100 up to 500°C

  • 03

    Position sensors : Contact type, Resistive output, Standard angles of 90° / 180° / 360° Linear and rotary, long life, standard / custom rotary angles

  • 04

    Pressure sensors : Thick film technology, 0 to 500 bar, absolute/Relative Various thread sizes / connector options